Flexible Work Options




Flexible Work Option 

Many of our members enjoy the flexibility of taking additional time off to spend with family or to travel! At LeGrow's Travel, Part Time or Seasonal members enjoy the same seniority as Full Time members.

Here's how it works: 

    1. Take the summer months off June through August and the month of
      December when customer demand is lowest ; you may be eligible for employment insurance if you have worked the required amount of hours
      prior to your summer leave.
    2. Work part time (15-30 hours /week pending branch need ) during the shoulder
      months Sept through November and April through May; and
    3. Work full time (37.5 hours/week) during the months January through to the
      beginning of March Break when customer demand is high.

Members shall enjoy all benefits and... 

    1. During the summer months when the employee is not working, the
      company will absorb 100% of the employee group insurance premium

    2. During the months the employee is working part time, the premium will be
      reduced based on the hours worked relative to full time with the company
      absorbing the balance. Group coverage will remain the same throughout
      all months worked.

Averaging Your Pay

You will be shown what impact your flexible part time work schedule will have on your
gross and net pay. You could choose to average your pay while maintaining the flexibility
in your scheduled hours. Choosing to average your pay could be done at the start of your scheduled work with LeGrow's Travel or at a specified period of time.