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For over 35 years, Air Canada Vacations has been striving to make every travel experience one to remember. We know that your idea of a dream vacation is as unique as you are, which is why we create travel packages that are tailored to your needs. From beaches to cityscapes and campgrounds to mountain tops, we’ve thought of the perfect places for every type of traveller. With so many travel options to choose from year-to-year, you have the power to reclaim your dreams, one trip at a time.


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  • Over 35 years of delivering unparalleled travel moments to Canadians
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To define Europe is to distill centuries of history and culture, to call out commonalities between Mediterranean islands and Irish valleys, between colourful cities and craggy coasts. We can’t attempt the impossible. What we can do is let you explore your way. Admire ancient landmarks with our Europe tours, sail between countries on a cruise, or discover it all for yourself with Flight & Hotel packages.


Let a tropical breeze sweep you off your feet, to islands and cays, golden coasts and green terrains. Feel a saltine spray stick to your sun-kissed skin after a dip in waters wavering between shades of blue. The Caribbean, a collection of colourful countries cradling the sea, calls for letting go and diving in, kicking back and setting off to scenery stolen from your most daring dreams.


Oh, say can you see…the legendary landscapes of the land of the free? Everything’s bigger and brighter here. Highways wind endlessly across deserts and mountains. Colourful neons and marquees light up cities that never sleep. Peoples mix and mingle to create an iconic culture, of rock n’ roll and cinematic magic. The American way? It’s red, white and blue, and it’s waiting for you.


From coast to coast, from mountains to Mounties, Canada truly captivates. The world’s second largest country checks off most must-sees from your travel bucket list. Postcard-perfect glacial lakes? Check. Unreal, natural landscapes? Better believe it. Exciting cities bursting with multicultural flair? Oui, oui. Go Canada and explore the extraordinary, close to home.