Planning an extended stay?
Add up to $2 million Covid-19 coverage!
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Affordable, flexible travel insurance with LeGrow's Travel

LEGROW'S TRAVEL now can provide you with seniors’ travel insurance to be tailored to your personal needs. We can quote you, to include any pre-existing conditions and health requirements and get you the MOST competitive pricing in the market!

Below are applications which you can review to determine what best suits your needs.

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Underwritten by Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc.(IA)] and distributed by Maritime Travel.  Administrated by Travel Insurance Specialists.



If you prefer to contact your LeGrow's Travel advisor for a quote, please do so or contact our LeGrow's Travel insurance helpline:

1.833.767.1732 or insurance@maritimetravel.ca

When you refer a friend to purchase our seniors’ travel insurance, we will issue a $25 travel voucher to you for future travel! Don’t forget to mention that to your advisor! Our goal is to get you the best pricing with reputable insurance coverage. Our brokers have been providing Canadians with travel insurance for over 25 years.