Your itinerary

Please be aware of flight connections which may result in an overnight stay or next day arrival. Any stopover requiring a hotel is at an additional cost and is not included in the package price.

Your Documentation

Spelling of your name on any booking must match your passport or Government ID for travel within Canada.

Ensure that you have the appropriate documents (passports, visas) for travel outside of Canada. Airlines will deny boarding if a traveler does not present the required documents at check in.

Having the proper documentation is the traveler’s responsibility, not the supplier. For more information on document requirements, click HERE.

Supplier terms

We encourage you to review the terms and conditions of the travel provider at the time of booking, particularly the payment terms as many packages are non-refundable and impose fees for changes.

Travel Insurance

We encourage you to purchase Travel Insurance if you are not already covered under a plan. You can purchase insurance online through Maritime Travel or contact your preferred branch directly.

Need more information?

Contact your preferred Maritime Travel counselor or contact our Online Booking Centre by clicking HERE.