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New York, New York | San Juan, Puerto Rico | Amber Cove, Dominican Republic | Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos | Half Moon Cay (Little San Salvador Island), Bahamas

Eastern Caribbean cruises are everything you see when you close your eyes and picture paradise. An almost perfectly scattered arc of islands, ringing sparkling tropical waters — this is what awaits you on cruises to the Eastern Caribbean . For a taste of the local flavor you can expect to enjoy on Eastern Caribbean cruises, check out a sampling of this delicious island menu: Martinique, La Romana, San Juan… plus saints aplenty: St. Thomas, St. Kitts, St. Lucia and St. Maarten… With a lineup like that, it’s hard to imagine a better way to spend your precious vacation days than on one of our cruises to the Eastern Caribbean. Go on, take a look at a few more of those turquoise-water-filled photos. Isn’t it time you booked your Carnival cruise to the Eastern Caribbean?

November 30 – December 10, 2023

10 Nights, 11 Days
Cruise roundtrip from New York, New York
Cruise Only

Travel: 11 Days. 5 Ports. 1 Amazing Vacation.
Cruise: Aboard the Carnival Venezia


  • New York, New York
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Amber Cove, Dominican Republic
  • Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos
  • Half Moon Cay (Little San Salvador Island), Bahama
  • Snorkel great natural reefs in crystal-clear waters
  • Enjoy year-round tropical weather.
  • Hang out with marine life, and enjoy the beach life, where the sand meets the surf.


Day 1: Manhattan, New York City, NY

Start your Carnival cruise from the city that defined ‘cosmopolitan’: New York City. This urban island overflows with art and architecture, lively ethnic neighborhoods, designer shops… and the best restaurants in the world, from the ultra-high-end to the comfy neighborhood hole-in-the-wall. The top sights are clustered in Midtown Manhattan — you can easily check out Grand Central Terminal, shop on Fifth Avenue, and see the twinkling lights of Broadway® in Times Square on the same day. As your cruise leaving from New York glides down the Hudson River towards sunny islands or historic New England harbors, you’ll pass metropolitan must-sees, world-renowned icons like the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty.

  • Pause amid the rush of Grand Central Terminal to look up at the starry ceiling.
  • Relax on the green lawns of Central Park.
  • Walk the mile-long Brooklyn Bridge before you cruise from New York.
  • Ascend the Empire State Building for 80-mile vistas.

Day 2, 3 & 4: Fun Day at Sea

There are always lots of fun activities on board… or just lay back on a deck chair and do nothing at all!

Day 5: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Cruises from San Juan, Puerto Rico offer a magical blend of natural island charm and man-made wonders. Historic San Juan, once nothing more than cobblestone streets and the distinctive architecture of the Spanish who founded it, is now a modern world capital. And, as you’ll see on Carnival’s cruises from Puerto Rico, it’s kept these classical features! Among the peaceful shaded courtyards and commanding colonial fortresses of El Morro and San Cristobal, urban explorers will find a cosmopolitan city of wide boulevards, lively cafés, highly-regarded galleries and designer boutiques… not to mention gold-sand beaches and nearby rainforest jungles. San Juan, Puerto Rico is where the old world meets the new — and you can enjoy them both when you choose one of our cruises from San Juan.

  • Castillo San Felipe del Morro (a.k.a. “El Morro”) features amazing history and the best view of the San Juan harbor.
  • The Bacardi distillery® spans 127 acres of land, and over 100 years of history.
  • Vieques is an island’s island — literally, featuring amazing beaches and found off the coast of Puerto Rico.
  • Munch on mofongo, a fried plantain delicacy, a staple of menus throughout San Juan.

Day 6: Amber Cove, Dominican Republic

Discovering new sights is one of the beauties of travel, and that couldn’t be more true when it comes to Amber Cove®, Dominican Republic. In this world full of information on just about everything, Amber Cove is a throwback — it’s the kind of quiet little spot you won’t find on most maps. But you will find it — brimming with bars and pools, plus opportunities for lounging and shopping — to be the gateway to island paradise, Dominican-style. Beyond Amber Cove is Puerto Plata, a town that began life as the first European settlement in the Americas. Its founder? Oh, just a guy named Christopher Columbus… so you know that arriving by sea is the ultimate way to get here. Whether you’re looking for a day at the beach, some Dominican Republic adventure or just a little poolside me-time, Amber Cove is just the ticket.

  • Explore Fort San Felipe, originally built to ward off pirates, which today welcomes curious travelers of all kinds.
  • This spot is known for its remarkable local amber — actually the clearest you’ll find anywhere in the world.
  • Take a ride on the wild side on an amazing ATV Adventure tour through the undiscovered Dominican Republic backcountry!
  • Swim with dolphins, stingrays — and yes, even sharks! — at Ocean World.

Day 7: Grand Turk

Let the name fool you — Grand Turk, of the Turks & Caicos islands, may be small but it’s packed with scenic punch and historic charm. Carnival cruises to Grand Turk deliver you to this enchanted island outpost dotted with old windmills, grassy trails and picture-perfect beaches. Discover an oasis of green set in aquamarine seas, ringed by a pristine coral reef and the steep wall of the continental shelf.

  • Swim in the sparkling turquoise seas off Governor’s Beach.
  • Tour historic Cockburn Town and the old salt pans.
  • Shop for duty-free jewelry and local crafts in the colorful Grand Turk Cruise Center.
  • Feel the velvety touch of a stingray’s wings in Gibbs Cay.

Day 8: Half Moon Cay, The Bahamas

When cruise pros dig a little deeper into The Bahamas’ 700+ islands, they find hidden gems like Half Moon Cay.​This one’s a private island, and — smile! — you’re absolutely welcome here. Grab a Carnival cruise to Half Moon Cay and from your first toe in the sand you’ll understand why it’s anything but a typical destination. All the features and excitement aboard your Carnival cruise pause for a bit, opening up your vacation with a unique island experience.​Cozy up and lounge with your personal someone-special in a clam-shell, a shady hideaway for two. Plus, if you’re looking for more private stretch-out space there are cabanas and villas to rent. And who can resist the siren’s call of an expert massage by the beach? You know, relaxing is encouraged at Half Moon Cay… but against this pristine backdrop there’s still so much to do! Play in turquoise seas, ride horseback on powdery white sand, or gently paddle a kayak through acres of protected lagoon, encountering silky-smooth stingrays and so much more. This island is a little off the typical cruise path but isn’t a complete mystery — Half Moon Cay was just named Best Private Island by Porthole Cruise Magazine… for the 20th straight year!​

  • Smile, splash and survey the island’s incredible scenery from atop horseback.
  • Compare swim strokes with the island’s gentle stingrays.
  • Get hammocking early — they’re first come, first sway, first smile.
  • Check out the beached pirate ship, and order up some refreshing bounty from the bar within.
  • Share a smile — and snap a selfie — with Ted, Half Moon Cay’s resident donkey.

Day 9 & 10: Fun Day at Sea

There are always lots of fun activities on board… or just lay back on a deck chair and do nothing at all!

Day 11: Manhattan, New York City, NY

Disembarkation day.

Itinerary was valid at time of posting.

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