The Mekong - River Cruise

Discover the Mekong with Lois Follett


Lois Follett, Manager

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“My favorite cruise experience in Asia so far has been the Mekong. The people, the scenery, the mystery and magic…it’s the perfect destination for clients in search of exotic culture and comfortable adventures.”

The timeless and unique cultures of Vietnam and Cambodia are united by a single river – the mighty Mekong.  A river cruise through this region of Southeast Asia is truly a feast for the senses. Unlike traditional river cruises that sail past European capitals, the route through Vietnam and Cambodia offers stunning contrasts of ancient landscapes, bustling towns and rural river villages.

For a magical introduction to the splendid mysteries of the Mekong, Lois recommends the Mekong Discovery 8-Day River Cruise with Avalon Waterways. This unique and inspiring river cruise wends its way through Cambodia and Vietnam, uncovering the cultures and ancient traditions along the shores of the Mekong. Memorable moments include an ox cart ride amongst Cambodian rice paddy fields; a tour of the museums and palaces of lovely Phnom Penh; a firsthand look at how local craftspeople create seaworthy sampans; and a cruise via sampan to experience Vietnamese culture.