Romancing the Rhine: Our Favourite Port

Got a favorite river cruise itinerary? Here’s one of ours
Kelly Tessier shares her all-time favourite river cruise experience 

Kelly Tessier

LeGrow’s Travel counsellor, Gander
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We asked LeGrow’s Travel cruise specialist Kelly Tessier what her top bucket-list cruise is and why. We also asked her for a personal port pick on her recommended itinerary. Here’s what she had to say.

One-of-a-Kind Cruise: 7-Night Castles along the Rhine with AMA Waterways
Recommended for you by Kelly Tessier, Gander

“Itinerary highlights on this wonderful AMA Waterways river cruise include bucket-list cities like Amsterdam, Basel and Budapest; fairytale castles and medieval villages like Strasbourg and Rudesheim; and a wonderful wine scene throughout. You’ll be blown away by the food and service, too!”

Kelly’s Port Pick: Strasbourg

Weaving a delicate balance between the culture and cuisine of France and Germany, the Medieval—yet progressive—city of Strasbourg manages to showcase the very best of both. From the town’s twisting alleyways straight of a Grimm’s fairy tale to the modern EU Quarter, the capital of Alsace is a delightful homage to both yesterday and tomorrow.

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