Rivers Less Travelled: The Elbe

Fairytale Castles and Sizzling Cities: Cruising the Elbe River

Heidi Pound, Manager
Atlantic Place, St. John’s

 “Experience something unique with a river cruise along the Elbe. This easygoing itinerary provides a fascinating cultural and scenic glimpse of Germany and Eastern Europe.”

While the mighty and enchanting Rhine always ranks up there among river cruisers, the Elbe—Germany’s second most well-known river—is quickly moving up the popularity ladder, according to Heidi Pound, Manager, LeGrow’s Travel, Atlantic Place, St. John’s. “From Dresden to Hamburg, the river flows through the lush vineyards of Saxony and the striking Sandstone Alps, known as the Saxon Alps,” she explains. “Along the way, the riverbank is dotted with medieval towns and notable cities including Berlin, Dresden, Worlitz and Meissen, so a river cruise really does give you the best access to all the sights.”

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