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Expedition Cruising



As the name implies, expedition cruising combines exploration and adventure, without sacrificing the creature comforts associated with traditional cruising. What sets expedition cruising apart from traditional cruising, however, is the time spent in port. On a traditional cruise ship, the experience is divided between shore excursions and on board activities. Expedition cruises, however, are all about exploration and education. These
ships are small, with shallow drafts, which enables them to inch closer to those less visited, out of- the-way ports or scenic wonders, like the continent of Antarctica or the rugged Outports of Newfoundland. A seven-night expedition sailing – complete with shore excursions via Zodiac – is truly a unique experience.

"I can’t think of a more exciting way to explore interesting destinations like Belize and Central America, or even South America and Antarctica than on an expedition cruise. Expedition cruising is the ultimate adventure for both families and friends. It’s a wonderful combination of education and adventure.”

– Toreen Flesher, Maritime Travel Advisor, Abbotsford, BC