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Grand Pré and Annapolis Valley Winery


Enjoy an unforgettable journey through the Annapolis Valley region of Nova Scotia located between two parallel mountains along the shore of the Bay of Fundy and well known for its beautiful landscapes and highest tides in the world.  Start your adventure with a scenic drive through the western part of Nova Scotia peninsula to the Grand Pré National Historic Site.  Located in the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Grand Pré National Historic Site, once the epicentre of Acadian culture it is now the most significant memorial to their tragic upheaval.  Operated by Parks Canada, this site is dedicated to the Acadians, who in 1755 were deported, pawns in the wars between England and France.  Many of those who left settled in Louisiana and their descendants are the Cajuns of today.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Next you will proceed to a local Annapolis Valley Winery where you will enjoy stunning views of Cape Blomidon, rolling vineyards, and learn the wonderful history and cultural significance of the Annapolis Valley. While at the winery you will enjoy wine tastings, as well lunch can be purchased at your own expense. All too soon, it will be time to depart the Annapolis Valley region for the return trip back to Halifax.


Tour Fees:

2 Adults: $423 + tax
3 Adults: $289 + tax
4 Adults: $250 + tax
5 Adults: $205 + tax
6 Adults: $232 + tax
7 Adults: $202 + tax
8 Adults: $183+ tax
9 Adults: $165 + tax
10 Adults: $151 + tax
11 Adults: $139 + tax
12 Adults: $129 + tax