Cruising the Panama Canal

For Your Bucket List—Cruising the Panama Canal

Phyllis Barter gets up close and personal with the “Crossroads of the World”

Phyllis Barter
Manager, LeGrow’s Travel, Churchill Square, St. John’s

“The Panama Canal is an unbelievable feat of modern engineering and transiting the canal by cruise ship is a truly awesome experience. I’ve cruised many times and this itinerary remains at the top of my list.”

Dubbed the “Crossroads of the World,” the trek across the 50-mile isthmus that connects North and South America once involved a winding path through dicey jungle rivers. Today, the man-made Panama Canal that traverses the region is a bucket list destination for cruisers.

A trip that’s made for those who like to get their adrenaline fix in comfort, Panama Canal cruises actually spend relatively little time in the canal itself, with the transit comprising only one facet of this memorable itinerary, according to veteran cruiser and LeGrow’s Travel Manager, Phyllis Barter, Churchill Square, St John’s.  “Once the ship makes its way through the locks, the focus changes to more adventurous pursuits in other Central American ports—for example, hiking through the rain forests of Costa Rica, or exploring the beach culture of tropical Latin American ports like Roatan or Cartagena.”

Panama Canal cruises typically take two weeks or longer and can be roundtrip or one way. Here are two of Phyllis’s recommendations:

Suggested Itinerary: 15-Night Panama Canal (Eastbound) with Celebrity Cruises

“The highlight of this San Diego to Miami itinerary is undoubtedly the Panama Canal; however, there’s much more excitement to experience in such Latin American ports of call as Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Antigua, Cartagena, Colon and Puntarenas.”

Suggested Itinerary: 12-Day Picturesque Panama Canal, Costa Rica & Cartagena with NCL

“This roundtrip itinerary from Miami gives you a taste of the Panama Canal, along with some wonderful Central American ports including the Bay Islands of Honduras, Cartagena (Colombia), and Puerto Limon (Costa Rica). It’s an exotic one, for sure!”
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